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Terms & Conditions

Have you decided to rent a car for your own needs? Contact Naniko. This will allow you to move freely around the city, even if you do not have your own car or it is in another city.

Basic conditions

If you sign a car rental agreement with our company, you are legally recognized as a driver. The contract must be certified by your signature.
Here are some more points that you need to know about the conditions of cooperation with us:

  • You must reach the age of 23 and have at least one year of driving experience.
  • Among the documents that must be provided for registration of a lease, you must have a passport, driver’s license, and a bank card (for writing off the amount equal to the cost of rent).
  • When concluding a transaction unilaterally, it is necessary to inform our company about this at least two days in advance.

You can rent a car for various needs. But there are some restrictions. You can’t do the following:

  • Teach others how to drive.
  • Participate in races.
  • Violate traffic laws and drive in prohibited areas.
  • Transfer the car to another driver or re-rent it.

The issue of transporting animals must be agreed with the company’s staff.

Rules for renting and returning a car

The renter will get a car with a full tank that has no visible damage. The refund must be made in the same form. If the car is returned dirty, a separate fee will be charged.
The refund must be made at the exact time and place. All these details are specified in the contract. You need to return all the documentation for the car and accessories.
If the return of the car is delayed by more than an hour, the cost of the daily rent is charged.
If the client cannot return the car during business hours and leaves it at another time, he or she is responsible for the car until the company’s employees sign the act of returning the vehicle.

Payment and a bit of situation

After signing the contract, the company has the right to block the amount equal to the rental payment for a period of 14 to 21 days. After the vehicle is returned, the amount will be unblocked.
Payment can be made either by card (we accept payments from any type of card in the national currency), or in cash. If you want to pay rent in a foreign currency, our exchange rate may differ slightly from the Central Bank’s rate.
All fines for violation of traffic and parking rules are paid by the client. In the event of an accident, our employees must be informed of it before leaving the scene. Another rental conditions:

  • The client must always keep the keys, car documents and remote controller with him or her.
  • It is necessary to report all incidents, including minor thefts, accidents, car malfunctions.
  • The company does not take any responsibility for things forgotten in the car after returning.

If the requirements above have not been met, the client will independently compensate for the damage. However, we hope that you will not have unforeseen situations, and you can easily use your rented car.
If you have any additional questions, please ask our employees.