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On this page we present you most frequently asked questions of our customers and answers for them. In case if you won’t find necessary information, please contact us.

Please carefully ready all submitted information before applying your reservation.

  • What document are required to rent a car in Baku?
    You have to present full and valid national (country of residence) and driver licenses at the time of rental. Costumers without Latin alphabet documentation require presentation of an International Drivers Permit IDP or translation of the national license.
  • How old I should be to rent a car from Naniko?
    You should be at least 23 years old (max. 65) in a possession of a valid driving license for at least 3 years.
  • Can anybody else but me drive rented car?
    Yes, but you should inform us about additional driver in advance.
  • What are the extra charges for additional driver?
    Price for additional driver is a part of the terms of the insurance policy. Price will be provided in booking details or you can check price in advance on our web-site or in office.
  • Do I have mileage limitations?
    Unlimited mileage is part of the costless service for any rented vehicle.
  • Do I have discounts for a long term rental or loyalty points?
    Discounts are starting after 2 days of renal. As for loyal customers of Naniko offers discount cards.
  • Which payment methods are acceptable?
    All major payment methods are admissible, including: credit cards, cash and bank transfer.
  • Where and how do I sing contract?
    You will have to sign few papers of the rental agreement. Contract can be signed at any location your will be delivered at. If you want to take your rental comparatively faster than we strongly advise you to do online reservation and attach scans of your driving license and passport.
  • Do you rent cars by an hour?
    We only offer daily rates. If you return car within 24 hours you still will be charged for full day.
  • Is it obligatory to return rented car with a full fuel tank?
    Yes, otherwise you will have to pay for missing amount at the office according to the contact terms. Fuel level will be designated in the rental agreement in advance as well as rental’s delivery policy.
  • What if I return car after my rental period runs out?
    If you feel like being late for the car drop off, you have to inform us in forward. The cases of the late return will be considered according to the rental agreement.
  • Can I smoke in a rented car?
    Tobacco is leaving very unpleasant odor inside the car. In order to provide best service to all our customers we don’t allow smoking in the vehicle.
  • How can I make a booking?
    You can use our user friendly online reservation system, visit one of our offices or send reservation details with necessary documentation on our e-mail
  • Do you charge for reservation?
    No, car reservation in Azerbaijan from Naniko is free of charge.
  • Do I have to prepay for pre-reservation online?
    No pre-reservation charges are required for online booking. But for rental confirmation we require passport and driving licenses, otherwise we don’t guaranty your reservation.
  • Where can I pick up my rental?
    Almost at any location in Azerbaijan. Availability and price of the service should always be scrutinized with the reservation department.
  • What should I provide for the airport rental?
    Aside from the standard documentation you should also administer your flight details.
  • How can I check my reservation details?
    Afterwards confirmation you will receive an email with all necessary details.
  • How can I choose additional services?
    You can select desirable maintenance using online booking system or from our catalog at the office.
  • Can I add or remove any accessory from already conformed booking?
    You can always add extra accessories to your existing booking by contacting our reservation department. If you have not paid yet, you’ll pay the initial amount with the added price. If you have already paid for your rental, you will just add the missing amount. You can always cancel extra accessories for no extra charges. If you have not paid yet, you’ll pay the initial amount with the deducted price. If you have already paid for your rental, you will receive a refund.
  • Can I change dates in existing booking?
    Yes, you can, but you should consult with reservation department of Naniko, otherwise new dates can be in conflict with other rentals.
  • How rates are calculated?
    By multiplying daily price of the selected vehicle on number of the rental days plus additional services (if applicable).
  • Does Naniko request deposit?
    Deposit is always mandatory and is amounting to 200USD (may vary bestowing to the vehicle type).
  • In which currency should I pay for rental and deposit?
    Payment is contrived in national currency and is converted according to the rates of the national bank of Azerbaijan. Same applies to the deposit annexation.
  • How can I pay for a deposit?
    Same as you pay for your rental. You can pay in cash, credit card or bank transfer. In case if we will freeze deposit on your credit card it will take approximately 30 days to unfreeze it.
  • Is car insured?
    Naniko offers 85% of insurance as a standard term of the rental agreement. But for maximum comfort you always can choose full cover.
  • What should I do if car is damaged, stolen or in accident?
    You should immediately call to our emergency department, insurance company and police.Note: Do not move car from the place of the accident or insurance will not be valid!
  • Who pays for the traffic violations?
    The received fines are paid by the driver.
  • If I was not stopped by a police officer, why am I being charged for violating of the traffic rules?
    Sometimes traffic rule violations are recorded by road cameras and they are received online.
  • What should I do if car breaks down?
    You should call to the Naniko’s emergency number provided in the rental agreement straight away and we will consult you. If remote elimination of the problem is not possible we will send technical support.
  • What if my flight delays?
    For all airport rentals we request flight details and even if your plain delays we will be aware and will meet you on time.
  • What if I want to take my car to the different country?
    In this case you should contact with our office in Baku to check for availability of the service.