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The most affordable method to acquire the necessary assets ( equipment) for entrepreneurs and for individuals is leasing . Basically leasing used when you need to buy expensive goods, the acquisition of which can not afford the lessee .

Leasing is different from the contract of sale that the right of ownership remains with the lessor , the lease differs from the fact that responsibility for the condition of the property , loss or damage lies on the lessor .


The concept of Leasing  can be understood as a long-term lease vehicles or equipment,  the lessor acts as the  owner of the  property (equipment) .

Very often leasing is defined, related property relations the  purpose is to impart a certain, stipulated property for use with the subsequent possibility of its acquisition. Feature a long term lease is that after the sign of the agreement   the right to use the theme of the contract  goes to the lessee but ownership of it is fixed by the lessor , or the conclusion by  the financial leasing agreement , after its expiration, if the lessee pay the full cost by the contract , the right to property (equipment) goes to the lessee .

The essence of the leasing agreement is that the lessor provides additional investments , he acquires the property (equipment ) at the request of the lessee , the lessee pays then periodically . Leasing – the most flexible method of acquiring the needed property .Under the lease agreement , if the parties’ agreed , the lesee may not  make a down payment and can stipulate the most convenient payment system , provided there is no collateral , as object of collateral  is the theme of the  leasing agreement.


Forms of leasing:

The main form of the  leasing – financial and operational .

Financial – if such a lease , the lessor acquires the property to the lessee and at the end  of the agreement the equipment is transferred to the lessee. Basically, at the conclusion of such a contract , the value of the theme of the agreement or has already been paid in full or at the end of the contract period

lessor pays the remaining amount under which the equipment is transferred into the property .

Operational – it differs from the financial fact that after the completion of the agreement, the equipment is fixed by the lessor, the lessor it bears full charges of  the conditions, death and property damage.