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Rent a Kia Picanto

Rent a car kia picanto in Baku

Technical description: Kia Picanto

Engine capacity 1.0
Transmission Manual Transmission
Fuel consumption 5.8/3.8
Type Hatchback
Brand Kia
Options Maximum

Vehicle description

Compact and manoeuvrable, Kia Picanto is a must-have choice for megapolis or congested-road settings. This hatchback vehicle allows passengers to feel comfortable on both front and rear seats. Due to its small dimensions, the car is perfect for city roads, while its extremely low fuel consumption makes it an economy option. Kia Picanto’s interior was ergonomically designed with all controls arranged conveniently for the driver. The car will cause no operational problems, as its engine, transmission, brake system, undercarriage and steering perform in a smooth and well-orchestrated way, without any failures or flaws.