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About Baku with Naniko

The largest and most populated city on the coast of the Caspian Sea is – Baku.

It can be freely called as a modern metropolis. It is located on the heights of 28 meters above sea level.

Today, Baku is the main economic, industrial and cultural center, not only in Azerbaijan, but also the whole of Transcaucasia. There is the Baku oil and gas region. It is the largest and richest area for oil and gas production.

The city is divided into two main parts: the central part of town and the old town. The city’s population is about two million people. The old part of the city called Icheri Sheher and “Baku Acropolis.” Here is the famous palace Shirvanshakhs, which dates from the twelfth century, as well as no less important buildings, Shamakhy Gates, Maiden’s Tower, a large number of mosques, museums and theaters. The streets here are quiet and dreamy, here on every corner are selling beautiful carpets. Carpet weaving in Azerbaijan is an ancient craft. The carpets of the country are well-known in the world. Carpets are the status thing in every family in Azerbaijan.

In the old city of Baku there are several interesting places, one of them a monument to Azerbaijan poet.  His hair and neck consist of the characters of his works.

In the modern part of the city are built a new grandiose buildings and skyscrapers in the form of tongues of fire, they just called – “Flame Towers.” Etymology of the word Baku – “City of God.” Azerbaijan is a country of lights, fountains of burning oil and gas. Baku is a lot of oil rigs. Their owners are the oil tycoons.

The most famous landmarks of Baku are the Flame Towers, Crystal – Hall, Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev. This last building has been constructed in the form of a frozen wave.

The highest point of the city is the television tower, which offers a beautiful view of the entire city.

In Baku is working the international airport named after the president Heydar Aliyev. It is a largest airport in the country.

In short, Baku is the ultra modern city, which is very interesting from the point of view of tourism and from the standpoint of business. It is possible to come here at any time and to get is great fun and unforgettable impressions.