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About Azerbaijan with Naniko

The country of burning flames so is called beautiful Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the eastern part of the Caucasus. Its population is about 9 million people. Most of the country professes Islam. The official language is – the Azerbaijan language.

Since ancient times in this country have been intertwined the western and the eastern civilization.  Through this country was passed the Great Silk Road, which greatly influenced the multilateral development of the country.

Azerbaijan is known worldwide as the oil-producing country. There are inexhaustible sources of oil and gas.

The country has eleven climate zones, so the flora and fauna are diverse and rich. A large number of representatives of flora and fauna are included in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.

For lovers of travel, Azerbaijan is really the very interesting and impressive place. In the first place, the country is rich in architectural monuments, which are scattered throughout the country; some of them were already several thousand years old.

It should be noted that the favorite places of tourists for visiting are: castles, mosques and palaces. The huge number of attractions can be viewed in the capital, in the old town “Baku Acropolis.” Most popular places to visit are: Baku, Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Baku, Sheki, Guba, etc.

The country’s capital is the city of Baku; it is located on the Absheron Peninsula. This ancient city attracts not only tourists, but also different business people. It is a city where are living the oil tycoons. Especially in recent years, in the city have appeared new architectural buildings, which are constructed with the effort of the best architect of the world. At the moment, the symbol of the city is the colossal structure of the tower, which is called – “Flame tower.”

From the list of the ancient crafts of the country is worth noting carpet weaving. Each woven carpet has a unique blend of colors and patterns. The carpets of Baku adorn the walls White House in Washington, the Kremlin in Moscow, etc.

Arriving in this beautiful and captivating city you must visit its main attractions, buy beautiful souvenirs, carpets, and finally, you should definitely taste the famous black caviar.

Azerbaijan borders with the Caspian Sea, so there is a rich availability of seaside resorts Hudat Nabran Khachmaz, Lankaran, Astara and so on.

The resort of mineral water – Ganja. There are also mountain resorts. Very popular among tourists is swimming in naphthalan bath.

The unlimited resources of oil and gas make this country rich.  Here, almost in every place bet out from the ground “black gold” and gas. Annually, is exported a huge amounts of these resources in many countries.

Azerbaijan – an exquisite country for an unforgettable stay. A country that will win you over with its historical architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes, delicious local cuisine certainly generous hospitality.