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If you plan your trip to Yekaterinburg for a brief stay or a longer vacation, you will in any case need a convenient means of travel, so as not to deal with stressful situations of using of public transport. Renting a car in Yekaterinburg, you will successfully solve this problem and save on the need to spend money for taxi services.

Plus, the journey will bring you real pleasure, and independence from the schedule of buses or subway.

Minimum effort and maximum pleasure in your travel to country from the company of car hire in Yekaterinburg Naniko!

  • Just clearly specify what your requirements to the car for this trip, and we will offer exactly what will most satisfied for you.
  • Rental cars in Yekaterinburg – Enjoy a whole day without worries, the evening without a problem, how to arrive to the house or hotel or move to the city streets.
  • Do you need a roomy minivan for a family holiday, or two-seater convertible sports car for a romantic voyage, you'll find all in our fleet.
  • Rent a car in Yekaterinburg – As accessible and clear information of our site will tell you everything in detail, whether it's about a specific model of car or conditions of the contract.
  • Prices from Naniko include protection from theft or casualties, as well as VAT, which allows you to travel without thinking about additional costs for insurance.
  • Car rental in Yekaterinburg – We also provide round the clock roadside assistance in case of accidental damage or other problem of vehicle.
  • On long trips, if you are traveling with your friends, you can add an additional driver, which must be ordered in advance and get the respective permission from the company.

Maximum pleasure from the tour in Yekaterinburg under favorable conditions, by car rented in Yekaterinburg from Naniko!

Yekaterinburg is the 4th largest town in Russia was founded in 18th century by Peter the Great, in order to use the mineral wealth of the Urals, and was nominated after his wife.

In Soviet times, it was renamed as Sverdlovsk and became an important industrial center because during the Second World War were transferred here numerous factories and has been closed for public due to the presence of multiple military installations. Since 1991, the city was returned to its original name.

Here is a classic center, with the inevitable name of Lenin Avenue, where you can visit the original flea market or the so-called barakholka.

Yekaterinburg is also known for the sad historical fact that in 1918 there were killed by Communists Czar Nicholas II and other members of the Romanov family. In their honor, here was erected the Church on Spilled Blood, surrounded by a giant poster portraits of the royal family.

In terms of nightlife in Yekaterinburg plenty of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food.