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Car rental in Odessa, Ukraine with Naniko car hire

Odessa, located in the south of Ukraine, with the logistic point of view, is the center of major transport lines as rail and road, at the same time, the main commercial port and naval base. Modern urban configuration, consisting of a large street mixed with beautiful parks.
There are several universities, conservatory, art gallery, interesting museums and libraries, as well as an observatory.
Therefore, there is no shortage of visitors wishing to explore this charming city.
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What you can see in Odessa with the convenience of car rented by Naniko.

The ancient city of Odessa is the center of the Crimea, home to a large Jewish community. To date, here with more than a million of the population, and with the surrounding territories can reach more than two million people.
Located between the mouths of the rivers Dniester and Dnieper, the historic city was an important port with access to the Black Sea.
The industrial sector is focused on the chemical industry, as well as marine and petrochemical industries. In ancient times the city was an Greek colony, and then passed periods of domination of the Mongols, Lithuanians, Poles and Turks.
In 1791 was annexed to Russia, since which began active development of the city, construction of the port and rail links to the Russian railway network.
Good location on the coast made Odessa for many years a popular tourist destination and a favorite resort.
Car hire in Odessa – Odessa offers tourists an inexhaustible number of museums, galleries, restaurants and theaters.
In the historical center of Odessa, a nice to walk, enjoying the picturesque and prestigious types of buildings in the neoclassical style.