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You think how to settle your trip in appropriate way to enjoy your trip to Novosibirsk. Avoid the queues and expectations of public transport and easily overcome the way to inspect the desired attractions will help you service of car hire in Novosibirsk. It's very simple; you can organize on Naniko via online booking!

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  • Age limit for rental by our company are defined sequent: people of 21 years old and having practice of driving at least two years.
  • Rent a car in Novosibirsk – If you wish to supplement another person traveling with you as driver, you must say in advance and to receive a special authorization from the company with a small excess fare.
  • In case of damage of auto at a traffic accident, you need to contact with a representative of our company who will contact to insurance agent and also call the highway patrol.
  • In case of necessity to get a car at the place of arrival and your flight is delayed, you can rest assured that, in any way, our representative will wait and provide you with the requested vehicle.
  • If your trip is to the Highlands in winter, do not forget to take precautions and to order the security chain.

Naniko also provides free roadside assistance and unlimited mileage when renting a car in Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk is a typical Siberian city and the metropolis of the Siberian region, founded thanks to the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, known worldwide as longest roads connecting the east and west of Russia. This road crosses the river Ob, largest one of the country after Enisey and Lena.

Thus, during the development of the Trans-Siberian road in 1893 the town was founded for the builders of the railway and was named Novonikolajevsk, in honor of Tsar Nicholas ||, and after the Revolution, was renamed to Novosibirsk.

Statistically, to date, the city ranked as fourth by dimensions, and  the third one as largest by population over 2,000,000 people.

The city has 24 universities, 18 of which are public, many churches and places of worship of different religions.

There are more than 200 industrial mills in zone of Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk is disposed on the banks of the Ob River, the longest one in Russia of 5410 km and the largest basin of fresh water. At the level of Novosibirsk Ob width reaches an impressive size of 1 km!

It is better to see with own eyes how the nature of this river is stunning and dominating by its power and vastness.

Places to visit on car renting in Novosibirsk are very much.

Car hire in Novosibirsk – Describe and list all will obviously be impossible, but it may be admonished that starting with the city center, you can discover as cultural monuments as well restaurants where you will taste the famous national dishes.