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Located at the foot of the Carpathians, Lviv on the list the oldest cities in Europe and in particular its center with the Market Square, surrounded by buildings of the Renaissance, attract many visitors. In short, the visit of this beautiful city with an ancient charm will not disappoint anyone and will leave a lasting impression.

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This is a lovely town called Florence in Eastern Europe and is on the UNESCO list. The existing urban atmosphere here, enjoyable style of bars and cafes are very similar to the Austrian and Hungarian streets.

While most cities have been completely transformed in the Soviet era, Lviv, has kept its unique style, as seen on the Castle Hill, which is the highest point in the town.

Approximately 80 km south the Carpathians are located, which offers great views.

The principle attraction of the city, of course, can be considered impressionable Market Square, which is surrounded by about fifty three and four level edifices with colorful facades and ornate cornices.

In the vicinity of the area disposed ten temples in existence in about 80 churches. The largest one is Catholic Cathedral, the main feature of which is a cannonball stuck in one of the walls that was not able to destroy during one of the battles.

In the southern part of the city is the Museum of Arsenal, where the collection of weapons presented. And on Liberty Avenue, you can see the monuments of Taras Shevchenko and Adam Mickiewicz.

Two kilometers to the east of the Old City you can visit the Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, which occupies more than 60 hectares. Here are a hundred farms, forges, windmills, wooden churches and schools.