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Auto renting in Estonia on Naniko is a beginning of an interesting journey through beautiful country!

Located in the northern part and overlooking the Baltic Sea, Estonia has a long and interesting history of foreign occupation. It was originally the center of the Viking invasions, during the Second World War land was occupied by the Germans and then was annexed by the Soviet Union.

During the Soviet occupation the ethnic composition of the population has undergone significant changes and if the first 95% of the populace were Estonians, after a strong process of Russification began. Currently, as a result of gained independence, the population of Russian origin remained in the minority.

Estonian territory is mostly flat, 40% of which is covered with forests and crossed by numerous lakes and rivers. Here are also numerous islands. The climate is determined by its proximity to the Baltic Sea. In June and mid-July is characterized by white nights when the light of day can be for up to 19 hours.

A great way to explore the country independently and enjoy not only the cities but also the beauty of nature is by car to rent in Estonia.

Tallinn, being the capital of the state, is the most international city. The old town is a medieval style, with cobbled streets and old houses of the eleventh century. A modern part – is the skyscrapers of glass and steel, as well as luxury hotels and shopping centers.

Tartu predominantly university town and is considered to be the intellectual capital of the country. The university was founded in 1632. The city has more than 20 museums.

More than 18% of Estonia is covered by national parks and protected areas with a diversity of flora and fauna. You should definitely visit the Estonian island, one more beautiful than the other, where cultural traditions and way of life have remained intact.