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Car rental in Astana, Kazakhstan, from Naniko rent a car

When you decide to hire a vehicle for the convenience of your journey, logically raises a questions according which criteria, among the many proposals, choose the one right company that can meet your needs.

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  • A vroad variety of vehicle types, you will find in our fleet, ranging from luxury models, 4×4, sedans and fuel-efficient small car.
  • If you wish to cross the border of another country, you will get the special permission from the company issued upon receipt of the car.

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Becoming the new capital of Kazakhstan, Astana has undergone significant transformation to match its high function.

When visiting Astana, intriguing and interesting is the discovery of the unity of the old Soviet architecture bulky marble buildings with modern design.

The city was founded in the eighteenth century, and throughout its history has been renamed several times. It is believed that this growing metropolis today is a paradise for lovers of modern architecture, will find its final shape almost for 2030. Thanks to the money from rich oil resources, there are presented works by such famous designers as Kisho Kurokawa, Norman Foster and Manfredi Nicoletti.

With an auto renting in Astana your city tour will be with a really special comfort, especially in winter when the temperature drops to -40 °.

Symbol of the town is impressive tower Baiterek, which is 97 meters skyscraper topped with a huge golden sphere, offering spectacular views. Inside of it is an art gallery, an aquarium and a restaurant. Pyramid of the world very remarkable building, which housed a center for interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

While walking in the city center, the attention will be attracted by such buildings as the concert hall of Kazakhstan, constructed in the shape of flower petals and the presidential palace Ak Orda, topped with a magnificent blue dome.

Surprising as a giant bright tent Khan Shatyr covering the open recreation area, size of ten stadiums!