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As the former metropolis of Kazakhstan, Almaty is a highly developed and proudly city, remains the largest one in the country, as well as cultural and financial core of Central Asia despite the fact of deprivation of the high status of the capital.

Almaty appeared in the top 50 most dear cities in the world. For your trip to this city, it would be better to be prepared in advance, in terms of a convenient way of movement and that will certainly  rent a car in Almaty.

Being a tourist or businessman, traveling on business, in any case, the service is indispensable in many aspects, not to refer the fact that it is notably save your budget.

Beautiful city and its attractions on car hired in Almaty Naniko!

  • The age limit for lease agreement in our company of 23 years with driving practice of 2 years.
  • Rental cars in Almaty – Available prices include unlimited mileage, all local taxes, the cost of insurance and 24-hour availability of the mobile operator.
  • Ordering the car you get it with a full fuel tank and  for return should be in the idem level of fuel as you took it.
  • If desired, the prolongation of the lease, it is advisable to inform us in advance and your contract will be renewed for the same car, or replaced with a similar modification vehicle.
  • Renting cars in Almaty – We provide a range of additional accessories for safety and comfort, such as seats for children of different weight categories, navigator with updated maps, luggage baskets and more.

Innumerable benefits by Naniko at your service when hiring a car in Almaty!

Almaty disposed in the south of Kazakhstan. In ancient times, it laid at the intersection of the Silk Road junctioned East West.

Trade and economy to this day are the engines of life in Alma-Ata, but also tourism is not the last. So for the last period, the city annually receives about six million tourists.

In the bustle of modern Almaty are not forgotten also the ancient traditions, such as, for example, steam baths. This tradition is rooted since ancient times and many people like to start their week with a visit to the bath, being charged with the energy need for the day.

As you can visit by car rental in Almaty famous oriental market in the finest traditions of Asian markets where you can buy and sell, to meet and talk with people. The name of Almaty means – a place with apples, and is considered the birthplace of the fruit is precisely the area surrounding the city.

Metro was opened just recently after 20 years of work and investment of 900 million Euros. Platforms and seven subway stations, extending over eight kilometers covered with marble floors. Planned to open two more stations, which will be commissioned in the near future.

Memorial Park was built in honor of the people of Kazakhstan, who died in the battle against fascism in World War II. You can also visit the Orthodox church built in the park, where you can hear the beautiful melody.