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Car rental at the airport of Pulkovo at St. Petersburg by Naniko car hire

Pulkovo being an International Airport, outside the Moscow region is the busiest one in Russia, located near St. Petersburg.

The 2nd big city in the country, St. Petersburg disposed at the estuary of the Neva in the Gulf of Finland. However, undoubtedly here are abundance of interesting historical sites and traces of a great past, which are under the protection of UNESCO. Founded by Peter the Great, as a new magnificent metropolis of Tsarist Russia, St. Petersburg over the centuries to the nowadays has been and remains the cultural heart of the nation.

Urban area of St. Petersburg includes several islands and is placed on the border with Estonia and Finland.

To free visit this grand metropolis with a long and broad avenues, the best variant is to rent a car at Pulkovo airport.

Visit the city using car hire from Naniko at Pulkovo Airport St. Petersburg !

  • Upon receipt of a car do not forget to present your driver’s license, identity card and a credit card for the deposit. For safety you need the availability of your reservation voucher with the details of your order.
  • Car rental in Pulkovo airport – Please note that the driver’s license must be of international standard, or completely translated in legible Latin letters and notarized.
  • Your mandatory car insurance you get with the car and its cost has already been comprised in the lease price.
  • Rental cars at the Pulkovo airport  – Supplementary services, such as devices for cars as luggage baskets, child seats, navigator and more can be paid on the spot.
  • The car, which you get from the company already seasoned with a full tank and you will be required to refund with the same amount of fuel.

Travel to the city museum cannot be more impressionable than comfortably on car hired from Naniko at Pulkovo Airport!

St. Petersburg is served by an international airport with two terminals  Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2, located in close proximity to each other, and in the distance of 17 km from the city. Hence committed as international flights, as well as numerous on national lines, with total passenger traffic of nearly 5 million people, which is surprisingly little.

Next to the two terminals has a parking area. And in Pulkovo 2 multi-storey car park is connected to the terminal via an indoor heated transition.

Pulkovo began its work in 1932, and over the last decades, is in constant modernization to better meet service and increase its capacity.

To move between the terminals, there are for passengers the free transfer.

Saint Petersburg is a real treasure of architecture and art collections, which is a result of the efforts and contributions of the Kings in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.