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Car rental at the airport of Almatyat Naniko, best conditions for rent a car

Long flight or trip often involve fatigue and a little stress. And especially so, being on the way to a pleasant rest or important business negotiations, immediately upon arrival one would like to sit comfortably in own vehicle and drive to your destination without further straining.
If you arrive at the airport in Almaty, do not miss the sight of the opportunity to pre-arrange your auto renting in Almaty airport.
Rental cars at the Almaty airport – Of course, offers of given service on the Internet a lot and check out each separately takes a lot of time. But you've selected the correct site, remains just a few steps to complete in a really good deal.

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Car rental in Almaty airport – A wide range of vehicles offered in our fleet:

  • Vans for trip for the whole family
  • Two-seater convertible for a romantic getaway
  • Sedans and hatchbacks or compact car for easy movement in the city
  • Reliable SUVs for mountain trips and much more.
  • You can also specify your preferences for specific data of cars, whether on gasoline or diesel, automatic and manual transmission, shapes and sizes, with or without air conditioning.
  • All necessary accessories such as luggage baskets, ski holders, child seats, navigator or another, you can order further at any time.

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One of the largest airports in Kazakhstan is Almaty International Airport located 15 km from the city. It serves almost half of passenger traffic and also more than half of the country's freight. According to the 2012, passenger turnover amounted to more than four million people.

The airport was designed and built for civilian and military aircraft in 1935. Until 1990 it was a member of the central Kazakh Civil Aviation, and in 1993 became an independent business unit. And in later years became an international airport.
In the late nineties suddenly there was a fire in the kitchen of the restaurant, resulting in burned terminal building. The new terminal was completed by 2004.
Was also opened a new runway and the first flight started from it was for London Heathrow.

In the near future it is planned to build a new passenger terminal for international flights, which will be equipped with six air bridges and will have the capacity of 2,500 passengers per hour.
Developed infrastructure will offer modern amenities of Marriott, meeting rooms, business center, shopping facilities and a cinema. The road to the new terminal will be held along the way of Gulja, in order to reduce the traffic on the way to the airport.