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Travel to Russia is full of novelty feelings for very diverse landscape, where the areal changes from subtropical, on the shore of Black Sea and to the coldest domains of the world, as Yakutia, where the temperature reaches -50 °.

To shift in the country, the vast territory that spans over 17,000 square kilometers and 12 time zones, car rental in Russia will be an indispensable tool.

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Russia, with a populace of about 142 million, is the major country on planet. Its vast territory spread out on two continents – Europe and Asia, with dividing line of mountains of the Urals.

The European side of the country's most populous and consists largely of plains crossed by major rivers like Volga, Dnepr and Don.

Siberia, dominating the Asian part and extending from the Urals to the Far East, consists of tundra and is comparatively sparsely inhabited. In the greater part of Russia is dominated by deserts, steppes and mountains.

The climate in the country, in most cases moderately continental, but with large differences in temperature depending on seasons.

Moscow is the metropolis, with a population of about ten million inhabitants, the city established in 1147 on the banks of the Moscow River. It is rich in important monuments, the list of which can be started from the Kremlin, where today, as throughout history, is home to the head of government, Novodvichy monastery built in 1524 in the style of Russian baroque, Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk, where are buried many influential figures in Russia and, of course, Red Square, is huge one in the world.